My Oral Presentation in English Competition

hi guys… this is my oral presentation in English Competition (16 October 2010, Saturday). there are several titles provided by the committee, and i picked this one: “The strategies to succeed study at Tanjungpura University”. well… hopefully this short (not more than 5 minute) speech would give any positive motivation for everyone who read this… ^.^

hmmmm… =) here we go……. :

… the Director of International Labor Organization or ILO ever said that as long as million youth are unemployed, globalization will not be fair. helping young people to realize their potential and their talent is our challenge, our responsibility and our gift for our future…

good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and the honorable adjudicators… my name is…. bla…bla…bla… (introduction)…

Today i would like to talk about a very interested topic…

“The Strategies to Succeed Study at Tanjungpura University”

Well L&G (ladies and gentlemen), the word “succeed” here i will not define as “graduated”, because i personally is not graduated yet….. Besides, most of us here, regardless how many years we study in this University, will graduated eventually.

So, the word “succeed” here i will define as how we prepare ourselves skilled and ready to face the Global Competition, whether we want to work for a company, NGO, or we want to start up our own business (enterprise), those will then related to the number of youth unemployment in the future.

Talking about work in company, i have one experience i would like to share…

When i worked as apprentice at our National oil Company (PT Pertamina (persero) Refinery Unit V) at Balikpapan for 2 months, i experienced that the employee there treating us differently with the way they treat the high school students.

This is because they assumed that as bachelor degree students, we are ready to work once we graduated from our University. that’s why they will give us intensive guidance and complete answer for all the question we asked.

so….., as bachelor degree students, we must really prepare ourselves start from today to be ready for that opportunity especially after graduated.

now L&G, the question is: how to prepare ourselves skilled and ready to face the Global Competition once we graduated? well.. based on my experiences, the first thing is: Be outstanding at class,

be outstanding in the class is not ONLY!!! about our transcript record (or GPA), but it also about our understanding towards what we have learnt at class….

Because, through that understanding… we will be able to advocate for something right related to our field.

for example, as a chemistry student, i have learnt and knew many kinds of dangerous chemicals. when i worked in a company,  i can observe whether the company has used those dangerous chemical reagents in the proper way or not…?!

if they are not using those reagents in the right way, so… i (who understood about that) could advocate this issue.

That’s way understanding in the class is important.

2. join as many as activities as we can

it is very important because by joining many activities out of class, we could improve our soft skills… How to deal with other people, learn to control our emotion, be wiser in making decision, gain bravery and confidence, and the most important thing is widening our network.

3. have vision!!!

ok. so, there is a statement: life never care about our vision!!

like when we have vision to be a doctor in the future, but indeed, now we are studying in agriculture faculty… see!!! life never care about our vision.

BUT, we must have a vision in this life because it will lead us to figure out the next step we need to take in our life.

My vision today is: i would like to work in a World Class Oil Company when i graduated. by having that vision, i know where i should apply when i have a chance to work as apprentice. that’s the reason i apply at Pertamina Company.

by having a vision, we also didn’t have to spent our time useless and doing nothing. we knew what we want to be and we go after that. so, having vision in our life is important because we could figure out what is the next step to take and we don’t have to spent our time for doing nothing.

4. keep passion

the last is keep passion. meaning finished what we have start, to show that we are committed to what we are doing. like when i’m doing my experiment at laboratory, sometimes the result is not exactly like the hypothesis, but that’s fine. it doesn’t mean i end up my experiment. i must finished that and give presentation to whom have funded my experiment.

in conclusion, as young people, i believe that if we be outstanding at class, involve in as many as activities as we can, have vision, and keep passion, we have actually prepare ourselves to face the Global Competition once we graduated from Tanjungpura University.

that’s all, and thank you very much.

well… i hope that simple and short presentation could inspire all of u.

thanks for reading… wish u all the best^^


Ellen Kusnadi


About ellenkusnadi

hi... i'm ellen.. i love traveling, adventuring, watching movie, reading, learning English and Espanol,... ^^ i have million of dreams, billions of plans, but i believe in Jesus who will decide the best for me... i always do the best for everything that become my responsibility... with one motto: ANOTHER PLACE IS POSSIBLE^^ when i was a kid, my mom said that i'm a spoiled n superrrr silence girl... tragic! isn't it???? (hehehe^^), but now, i left that all behind, i keep it as my childhood experience. since i grow up, my maturities grows as well, i always try to not depand myself on others, try the best every time n in every things. in this blog i wrote anything that me myself experienced, all the people n event involved help me to understand that i have so much blessed from God which is priceless. thanks God, Thanks Jesus^^ love -Ellen K.-
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