the value behind writing

there is a certain occasion which I joined few months ago when i joined live-in Eco Camp at Bogor…. The speaker is a motivator, quite well known I guess… then he asked us one question before he start the session: who has diary?

some of us raise our hand (me either)… then, the speaker said that those who write diary is

…………the future ‘big’ people ………

(quite surprising isn’t it? like the beautiful and motivated compliment for something which i like to do -writing-)

Dear everyone,

How are u guys today? i feel so much blessed today after everything that i been through… today I would like to share something that suddenly came across in my mind after reading this statement:

“Org blh pandai setinggi langit,tp selama ia tdk menulis,ia akan hilang dlm masyarakat & dari sejarah.Menulis adalah bekerja utk keabadian”

in English would be: our brilliance could be as high as the sky,  but as long as we never write any of these we possessed, they will be gone in society and in history. writing is such eternity work.

i have always like writing ever since i was a little kid. i love to express anything that i feel at that day, preferably something that i can’t share with anyone, like love may be.. hehehe and so many other things i really want to keep it in a book which i could re-read one day.

every time i write diary, the thought in my mind is: this writing will tell anyone about who i am, things happened in my life, the bless i possessed, my achievement, my feeling, any bad things that turns out to be my motivation and so many things, just like what i have written in my blog so far… i tell everything honestly and somehow quite privately. when some of my friends read my blog and told me that they love my writing and they said that it was so inspiring… for me: it was truly a bless, i just feel so pleased to hear that.. like it was not just about writing, but also there is: the value behind writing…. 🙂

there are so many things happened in our life, and it was wonderful when we could write in into a beautiful and motivational book, so, i keep telling myself that one day, i promise that i will write at least one book. not the scientific one, but more general like motivational one… yes… this post would remind me about this promise 🙂

recently i got an offer for studying in Europe through scholarship. and, in return i have to back to my country after finishing my master degree and based on the contract i have to teach… be a lecturer… there is something about me that not so thrill after hearing that: the fact that i don’t like teaching. indeed, now i am teaching at one of the courses at my hometown. i am teaching English for high school students as my part-time job. but i never do that because i want that… rather than i have to teach, because i want to have at least one year work-experience… hmmm… may be it sounds so not sincere… but that is true, i don’t like teaching and be like a teacher officially.

but,.. the fact is, there is no single thing in this world that we could achieve if we are not willing to do things out of our comfort zone. i can’t be an egoist person for people who has give me this scholarship and i can’t be that straight to myself neither, am i? my friend tell me that: education is ‘expensive’, not only by it’s cost, but the value and appreciation, so never let that go if you don’t want to regret it.

well… like so many motivational books i love to read like: 7habits, how to deal with other people, andri wongso books’, etc. the point is: we are what we think. if we say that it was a hard job then i will be a very hard job to deal with. when people be so negative with us, but we take that positively, it will turns out to be a positive things in our thought. so, i never say no for the scholarship. and have accept that and what happened next… i dont know. but as i have committed to write, i will write in another post about things happened to me in the future. and when i finished book that i always wanna write… i know that i have make a history… like wise people say: u got so many bless and wish that u could share it to other people…

thanks for read this post, may all post i hv written in this blog could give the value behind writing for everyone.

planning: my book which i will published one day when i was done,

when another valuable lesson is worth to be shared, and when bless is not just given to us to be kept secretly :), with love i present:

thank you, n cu on the next post

Ellen K. (20 March 2011)


About ellenkusnadi

hi... i'm ellen.. i love traveling, adventuring, watching movie, reading, learning English and Espanol,... ^^ i have million of dreams, billions of plans, but i believe in Jesus who will decide the best for me... i always do the best for everything that become my responsibility... with one motto: ANOTHER PLACE IS POSSIBLE^^ when i was a kid, my mom said that i'm a spoiled n superrrr silence girl... tragic! isn't it???? (hehehe^^), but now, i left that all behind, i keep it as my childhood experience. since i grow up, my maturities grows as well, i always try to not depand myself on others, try the best every time n in every things. in this blog i wrote anything that me myself experienced, all the people n event involved help me to understand that i have so much blessed from God which is priceless. thanks God, Thanks Jesus^^ love -Ellen K.-
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