Mu-Lan (Strong, Mature, Independent Character)


About ellenkusnadi

hi... i'm ellen.. i love traveling, adventuring, watching movie, reading, learning English and Espanol,... ^^ i have million of dreams, billions of plans, but i believe in Jesus who will decide the best for me... i always do the best for everything that become my responsibility... with one motto: ANOTHER PLACE IS POSSIBLE^^ when i was a kid, my mom said that i'm a spoiled n superrrr silence girl... tragic! isn't it???? (hehehe^^), but now, i left that all behind, i keep it as my childhood experience. since i grow up, my maturities grows as well, i always try to not depand myself on others, try the best every time n in every things. in this blog i wrote anything that me myself experienced, all the people n event involved help me to understand that i have so much blessed from God which is priceless. thanks God, Thanks Jesus^^ love -Ellen K.-
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